EBC Formula Front or Rear Brake Pads - Sintered "R' Series

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EBC Brand Formula Front or Rear Brake Pads - Sintered "R" Series

Fitment: Formula Front Caliper from Marzocchi Fork Kits
Also fits the big minis and other similar kits that use the Formula Rear Caliper.

EBC Sintered "R" series pads are an ideal choice for Off Road Riding. "R" Series pads are a sintered copper alloy pad made in EBC's USA sintered production plant to deliver a medium to high friction pad, at an attractive price point that lasts well in all conditions of wet, mud water or sand.
Sintered "R" Series pads are equally well applied to two wheel and four wheel machines and as such are very well liked amongst ATV riders especially due to the conditions on some rides where the rear ATV rotor hangs down in the mud and chews through lower quality pads in a weekend.