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KLX110 Suspension Comparison

A guide to the KLX110 suspension. It was last updated in 2009 so there will be missing and/or inaccurate information.


KLX 110 Suspension Chart. Edited by John Falkenthal. Version 0.3. Last Updated 8/15/09

Suspension Options






Low Cost Options for Improving the Stock Forks and Rear Shock

Heavier Weight Fork Oil

Replace stock oil with heavier weight fork or gear oil for a stiffer feel and slower compression and rebound damping

Rear shock oil cannot be changed in the stock shock.



Easiest improvement for the front suspension. Stock oil is ~8wt. Benefit is more damping for a slower suspension. Tradeoff is a “harsher” feel. Won't significantly help with bottoming the forks under heavy loads. Common weights are 10wt, 15wt, or 20wt. Stock oil amount is 163mL or 5.51oz (or 9cm from the top with the fork fully compressed and spring removed). Overfill and fork may not compress all the way down. Combining heavier fork oil with stiffer fork spring(s) is a very common improvement.

Fork and Shock Springs

Stock fork springs are: .48/kg; many options are available from multiple vendors

Stock shock has a .XX/kg spring. Many options available


$70 for front, $70 for the rear

Stock springs are very soft in both the forks and rear shock. Stiffer springs prevent bottoming the front and rear suspension for heavier and/or aggressive riders. Common spring rates for the forks are ..43/kg, .50/kg and .62/kg. A very popular setup for the forks is to go with 1 stiff spring and 1 stock spring and heavier weight fork oil. Replacement rear shock springs are available for the stock shock, but very few riders recommend going that route. Most recommend a replacement rear shock.

Extended Length Damping Rods

BBR or 2Bros extended damping rods for the front forks, replacing stock damping rods

Optionally match with 275mm rear shock to maintain proper front/rear ride height or raise the forks in the triple clamps.



Extended length damping rods replace the stock damper rods and raise the fork height while improving rebound and compression damping. Two options are available at roughly the same cost: BBR which increase fork travel by 1”, and 2bros which increase travel 1.5”. Some riders report minimal benefit. This modification changes the ride height in the front, so lowering the forks in the tubes is one option to regain balance, or you need to raise the rear the equivalent height. A 275mm or 10.75” aftermarket rear shock (e.g. Works performance) is a good match.

Cartridge Emulators

Fork inserts that emulate full cartridge style forks




Also known as “gold valve emulators” by Race Tech, meant to give you finer damping control than damping rod fork design can provide (i.e. emulate full cartridge forks). Many riders report you can't feel any difference on the KLX 110, and recommend putting your money elsewhere.

Replacement Fork Options

KX60 Front Forks

Replacement forks from any year KX60. Stock KX60 springs are very soft.

Recommend a 275mm rear shock to help balance ride height (along with raising the forks in triple clamps)

Stock with 275mm shock or a +2 or +3 swingarm and extended length rear shock

Used ~$100 on Ebay

Forks from the KX60 are drop in replacements with stock KLX110 triple clamps and front wheel. They provide +3” of travel, and are +2” longer (axle to top) than stock KLX110 forks, so you need an extended brake cable (~$20), and will need to raise the forks in the triple clamps to maintain proper ride height (adding a 275mm rear shock is a big help also). Many riders put the “aggressive” fork springs from minibikesprings.com in these forks with 20wt oil with good success. Some riders complain of the “overhang” (the length of fork below the axle which can interfere with sharp turning or when you are in ruts). Most riders agree this is a big improvement over stock and a good bang for your buck.

KX65 Front Forks

Requires a modified stock or aftermarket triple clamp + stem assembly. Requires a disc brake front wheel assembly.


Stock for older KX65's, extended length for newer KX65 forks

Used $350-$500 for complete setup.

The older KX65 forks (2000, 2001) work well with the stock swingarm, but newer ones (2002 or later) really require an extended swingarm to match. Aftermarket bar clamps (e.g. Red Baron) allow forks to be raised up higher in the triple clamps to balance the height. KX65 forks require a front disc brake, so a new brake and wheel assembly are required. Stock Springs are (2000/2001) .260kg/mm and (2002-2009) 270kg/mm. Huge improvement over stock although more involved and costly than KX60. No overhang issues (see KX60). Race Tech and minibikesprings.com sell springs for these forks.

BBR E-6 Fork Kit

Comes in two kits: for use with stock triple clamps and front wheel assembly, or with replacement triples clamps/bars/disc brake setup


Stock or extended

$380.00 for the stock kit, +$280 for extras kit

Like the KX60 setup in terms of easy install, and like the KX65 forks which allow for a disc brake front. Increased travel (6”) and +1.5” fork length. You can get the forks and use the stock clamps and front wheel, or you can order an extra kit with aftermarket clamps/bar/brake-cable/etc. No overhang issues like with KX60 forks. Wheel with disc brake not provided. Forks themselves are similar to the stock forks.

Tbolt USA GPX Fork Kit

Same forks as OEM on Pitster Pro's


Stock or extended


This is the Tbolt USA Complete kit (forks, triples, front wheel, disc brake). 8” travel, adjustable compression and rebound. Includes everything but front tire. Generally regarded as good quality and a bolt on for KLX 110. Same setup as the Airborn Industries ARI KLX 110 kit, but at a lower price.

Airborn Industries ARI KLX 110 Fork Kit &
SGR-51 Front Suspension Kit

Same forks as OEM on Pitster Pro's, same as GPX Fork kit


Stock or Extended


Both the Airborn Industries ARI and the Staggs Racing SGR-51 are the same setup to the Tbolt USA GPX kit; Pitster OEM gear, complete kit that bolts to the KLX 110. 8” travel inverted fork, brake, front wheel. These two kits from Airborn and Staggs are higher price than the GPX setup.

2bros Salad Fork Kit

Complete Front end kit


Stock or extended


This is a KX60 fork setup in a complete kit. Increase travel from 4.3” to 7.9”, stiffer springs, etc. Bolts on for use with stock wheel and front brake.

Red Baron G2 Forks

Complete Fork kit adapts to stock front wheel


Stock or extended


Fork kit includes forks, triples, axle and hydraulic brake and disc that adapts to stock front wheel hub. Some riders expressed negative feedback on the disc brake adapter setup. Fully adjustable, 8” of travel

KTM SX 65 Forks

KTM 65 forks are Marzzochi's and require custom triple clamps


Stock or extended


A cheaper alternative to Marzzochi's; a complete KTM 65 SX front end (forks, triples, wheel, etc.) can be adapted using a Paxracing bearing kit (“new style” KTM SX only), or an aftermarket triple clamp. The key seems to be getting the entire front end as a kit.

Marzocchi “Shiver” Fork Kit

35mm inverted forks


Stock or extended


Commonly referred to as “Zokes”, very high quality 8” travel inverted fork kit that includes adjustable triple clamps, hydraulic brake and front wheel. The gold standard for high quality aftermarket forks on the KLX 110.

Showa Fork Kit

Top of the line front end suspension kit


Stock or extended


Top of the line racing suspension, based on the CR85 OEM forks. 8” travel, inverted cartridge fork. Kit includes the forks, clamps, brakes, wheel.

Rear End Complete Kits (Swingarm, Shock, etc.)

Sano LS8 +4 Swingarm Kit


Ishock F22 long travel shock

+4 Ultra LS8 “hoop” style swingarm


This kit includes the +4 hoop swingarm, rear shock, reservoir mounting hardware, extended brake rod, chain guide assembly. 8” of travel. Lifetime warranty. 1.3lbs lighter than stock

Brand X Mini's Billet Swingarm Kit


German extended length w/ external resevoir, fully adjustable

Billet mono swingarm +4


This kit includes swingarm, shock, chain roller, and buffer clamp for resevoir, lower chain guide, brake extension rod. This kit uses your stock rear wheel assembly. Early feedback was mixed, but they appeared to addressed early issues and improved the kit. This seems to be equivalent in price to finding a used BBR+Elka setup.

Sano MX Styloe Swingarm Kit


Ishock F8 w/ remote reservoir

Mono style billet +4”


Kit comes with swingarm, iShock F8, upper shock mount, chain guide system, chain adjustment blocks, and all hardware to mount to stock wheel.. Billed as having “lifetime warranty”. Sano is noted by many riders for high quality.

CHP Swingarm Kit


Elka extended length fully adjustable

Mono style, +3.5”


Mono swingarm kit, with Elka shock and upper billet mounting bracket. 8.5” rear travel, adds 4” to ride height

CHP “Aero” Swingarm Kit


Custom Fox racing shock, w/ remote resevoir

Mono style, billet,


Similar to other mono swingarm kits; solid billet extended swingarm, shock, upper mount, chain guide, works with stock rear wheel.

Sik110's Super Pro Kit


Ishock F8 w/ remote reservoir fully adjustable

+3 - +4 adjustable mono swingarm


This kit includes the mono billet swingarm that is adjustable from +3 to +4 in length, upper shock mount, and iShock F8 extended travel shock. 8” total travel. Includes chain guide, roller, axle blocks and chain buffer and is compatible with stock rear wheel and drum brake. Available from Tboltusa.com

Sik 110's Long Shock Swingarm Kit


Ishock F22 Long travel shock

+3 billet hoop style swingarm


This swingarm has a different shock mount that requires the F22 long travel shock. Kit comes with swingarm, shock, and chain guide assembly. Uses stock rear wheel.

BBR SuperComp Suspension Kit


Elka extended length shock, fully adjustable, 8” travel

Mono billet


Top of the line kit, extends wheelbase 2.5”. Comes with mono swingarm, Elka extended length rear shock with remote reservoir rear shock, multiple shock mount brackets. Uses stock rear wheel assembly.

Replacement Rear Shock Options



Several options available

Stock or extended

$300 - $550

260mm ISHOCK is a drop in replacement for the stock shock. M1-A3 model is 275mm and has adjustable preload and rebound damping. Next is the ISHOCK M8V2 which is 275mm (extended), and finally the ISHOCK F22 w/ remote reservoir fully adjustable 360mm model.

Works Performance


Several options available


$275 - $525

Works performance offers 3 rear shock options: Gasser, Gasser with remote, and piggyback. Well regarded for high quality. Adjustable spring preload on gasser models, piggyback is fully adjustable. The 10.5” shock length raises the rear 1/2” using the stock swingarm. They tend to run soft. Works can (for a small fee) customize your shock (increase length, and setup for your weight).

Fox Float MXR


Stock shock replacement

Stock or extended +2 or +3


Drop in replacement for rear shock with stock swingarm, adjustable spring rate using air pump (included). Very popular option with KLX 110 riders. Does require occasional servicing, but a very good stock shock replacement option that drops right in.



Several options available

Stock or extended


Top quality rear shock, several models, fully adjustable; increased travel with stock swingarm (+3.4”) and up to +6” on extended swingarm.. Many regard this as the highest quality rear shock available.

Race Tech


Several options available

Stock or extended


Another very high quality shock from the well known Race Tech Suspension factory.



Stock shock replacement


$150 - $180

Also known as “HRC” shocks. Low cost drop in replacement; has had some o-ring issues, but for the price seems like riders are satisfied and agree its an improvement over the stock shock. Several models, from 260mm – 310mm in length.






255mm shock.


The information in this table is not meant to be exhaustive, but is representative of the spectrum of choices you have to improve the KLX110 suspension. As with most things, using the “Search” function on Planet Mini's forum is your friend. This table should help you refine and narrow down your options based on needs and price points. Combined with searching for detailed information, such as product reviews and what other riders have done, should provide you all the data you need to make good choices for your KLX110 mini. 

Stock rear shock length (as measured eye to eye) is 260mm. Long travel is typically 360mm, and extended around 275mm – 300mm. Raises rear height depending on swingarm used. Balancing front and rear ride height is a major consideration for suspension upgrades on the KLX 110.

 A few notes on swingarms:

  • “+1”, “+2”, etc. refers to the increased length (in inches) for after market swingarms.

  • There are many choices out there and many different price points.

  • The common attributes of an aftermarket swingarm are: stronger, lighter, extended length, and adjustable ride height

  • The combinations of swingarm, rear wheel assembly, and rear shock are too many to get into here. The swingarm manufacturers usually have recommendations for wheels and shocks, as well as offering them together in a kit. See the vendors websites or search the forums for recommendations for a specific swingarm.