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CRF110 Info

Basic Mods
- Shift Brace
- Longer footpeg bracket bolts or a billet cradle - OEM peg bolts = 18mm Recommended = 25mm + crush washer. I have seen foot peg kits rip out the bottom of the case from both jumping as well as catching a rut with the peg failing to fold.
- Tall Bars
- Rear Rim Lock
- Full Size Throttle Tube (2019+)

Key Engine Restrictions - in this order
  1. intake manifold with reducer (24mm-13mm-20mm)
  2. ported manifold 24mm-18mm-13mm
  3. throttle body 19mm (cylinder head port is 20mm)
  4. intake hose - port to larger for more mid-top power or leave OEM for low-mid response
  5. low 9:1 compression stock
  6. stock valve springs (10,300rpm max)
Throttle Body Size
Larger throttle body/intake/manifold = more top end power, less lower rpm power / Smaller throttle body/intake/manifold = more low end power with restricted top end power.

ECU FAQ - Do I need a tune?
- DIY intake + Exhaust - You can ride it without one although there is power/reliability left on the table.

Injector Reading
How to know which injector you have, and which one should be the right one to replace it to have the same fuel rate, or a higher fuel rate then you already have installed?
With the guide below you can see based on the injector "name" which injector you have installed on your bike, and which one you should take to make your bike run richer or leaner.

Keep in mind that you first need to know if you have an A-Type injector, or a B-Type injector.

With the A-Type injector, the letter on top of the injector tells you the "name" of the injector.
With the B-Type injector it is actually the opposite, because the letter, or letters below, are telling you the "name" of the injector.

How to recognize an A-Type and B-Type injector?
Well, it's actually easy to see because the A-type injector is perfectly round and smooth, while the B-Type injector have these Pins left and right that protrude, it not perfectly round and smooth at all.

If you have the large throttle body model, with the large square sensor block, then you can install both injector types on your throttle body, you only need to buy the correct injector joint, and possibly the correct wire loom if the A-Type or B-Type injector wouldn't be the stock injector type of your bike...