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TB Parts Fork Assembly Set – KLX110/L

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TB Parts Fork Assembly Set – All KLX110, KLX110R, KLX110L

TB Parts replacement fork set is a bargain considering OEM replacements are over $660 for a set! They also feature a few key upgrades over the factory forks making them better suited for your MX mini!

Starting out are the looks, ours come gloss black and have our TB Parts logo cast into them. Next, adding to the adjustability and performance is the length. They are +40mm, over 1.5″ longer. The dampening rod has also increased in length so the travel can match at +40mm over 1.5″. Inside the fork they feature HD springs weighted much better for adults who jump at their local Pitbike track. The dampening rods are also ported to match those HD springs so the dampening and rebound is not too fast and bouncy.

Key Features:

  • Extended +40mm length and travel (Over 1.5″)
  • If going from KLX110L forks its 10mm extended
  • Gloss black fork bottom with TB logo cast in
  • HD springs better suited for adult riders
  • Improved dampening rod for better dampening, rebound, and increased travel

Installations notes:

  • These come with 15wt fork oil, if desired you can drain and refill with 5.5oz of your choice of quality fork oil. This is highly recommended!
  • Replacement fork seals TBW1615

Ride Height and Rear Shock Recommendations:

These forks will raise the front end of your KLX110. You can only drop them down in the OEM triple clamp 30mm at most. This gives you an extra inch of ride height up front so we recommend you at least have an HD rear shock like these TBW1201 or TBW1202 to even it back out . Starting with the 2010 KLX110 you can also mimic the KLX110L by upgrading to a L size rear shock like TBW1205 or TBW1206 and running the forks fully extended. (The L shock will bolt up to 2010+ KLX110s) Factory Minibikes does not recommend running the 290mm rear shock on any KLX110 as it creates a bad angle on the swingarm and really hinders its performance. Our race bikes use the shorter style shocks to keep the suspension geometry proper.