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Replacement Takegawa Big Valve Super Head +R - KLX110

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Takegawa Big Valve Super Head +R

Replacement Head for Takegawa and TB KLX110 Bore Kits
Does not work on any of the stock head bore kits. Also does not work on the stock klx110 piston/cylinders.

■ Valve diameter
Intake valve diameter: 30 mm
Exhaust valve diameter: 24.5 mm
Valve stem shaft diameter IN / EX together 4.5 mm
■ Characteristics
of valve Valve stem Shaft shaft is made thinner and waist processing added We are trying to reduce weight and reduce weight loss.
■ Valve Spring
Adopted Double Spring of Inner Spring and Outer Spring (Unequal Pitch)
■ Valve Spring Retainer (Steel Standard Equipped) There
is "Special Valve Spring Retainer, Tappet Adjusting Nut (Titanium Alloy)" as an Optional Part.
By changing the retainer to titanium alloy and reducing the weight, the weight of the dynamic valve system is reduced, and the followability in the high revolution range is improved. 
■ Roller rocker arm (aluminum forged)
Aluminum forged rocker arm with roller bearing built in.
For slipper type rocker arms, slipper parts are made roller bearings to reduce friction loss and follow the cam profile smoothly from low speed to high speed. By adopting the roller bearing, the added weight overcomes the weight increase by making the rocker arm body aluminum forged.