Pit Bike Rodeo - March 20th 2021

Pit Bike Rodeo - March 20th 2021

March 20th 2021
8533 West Ave J
Lancaster, CA 93536

PIT BIKE RODEO hosted by @covidminis
No pre-sign-ups

Tech inspection will be required for all classes
$30 a class 
$10 spectator fee (per person)
$15 a night overnight RV parking per night
$30 overnight VIP RV parking per night (certain quantity)
Open pro pay back, team race pay back depending on how many people show up will decide what we split for the riders.
All sales are final no refunds
$100 a booth for vendors with mandatory $100 in product for the race winnings and raffle from each company that shows up with vendor spot. 
Any fighting or issues will not be tolerated and will be thrown out immediately. 

12" Stock 110cc
12" Stock/Mod 110
12" Pitbike Open Pro ($$ CLASS)
10" Open
40+ Vet (190cc max)
Midsize Open Rear 16" max.
Women's Pit Bike Open
Stacyc 12" & 16" (7 and under)
Stacyc 8" (7 and under)
PW50 (7 and under)
Youth 110 (ages 6-9)
Youth 110 (ages 10-13)

Class Rules:

110cc Stock (auto clutch only)
Aftermarket parts allowed:
• Throttle Bodies or Carbs

• Fork Springs and rods
• Rear Shock / Spring
• Handle Bars
• Exhaust
• Carb Jetting / EFI Tuning
• Pegs / Skid Plates / Seats / Rims / Tires / Brake Levers
**KLX110L models are not eligible for this class. They must run the Stock/mod class.**

110 Stock/Mod
Aftermarket parts allowed in addition to "stock 110" Class:
• 60mm Max Bore and 55mm Max stroke
• Aftermarket heads
• Camshafts
• Manual Clutches
• Stock Style Suspension (A Frame Swing Arm) BBR
Super Stock & Foes are OK. (No MX Style)

110 Mod
Horizontal air cooled engines only. Max 12" rear wheel.

10" Open
Horizontal air cooled engines only. Max 10" rear wheel.

Midsize Open
Max 16" rear wheel

194cc Max
Youth 10-13 Open
12" rear wheel max.

Girls/Women's Pit Bike Open
12" rear wheel max

Adult Team Race Open & Kids Team Race Open
(Any horizontal air cooled bike with a max 12" rear wheel size)

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