Warp 9 Surron Light Button Kit V2

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● V2 now includes several updates over original version
● 2” longer wire for those running high bar mounts with taller bars.
● Includes back half clamp to be used with non oem brakes such as TRP, Hayes Dominion etc.
● Includes burnt titanium screws to work with oem brakes or back half clamp
● Includes Burnt Titanium screws to work with magura brakes ( without back half clamp )
● Plugs into factory wiring harness, No cutting or splicing
● Works with oem headlight or any headlight that plugs into the oem Surron harness
● Mounts to the backside of the oem Brake master cylinder for a clean uncluttered handlebar
● Fits OEM Brakes, Magura MT7 & MT5 Brakes, Hope V4 & E4 Brakes, Hayes Dominion