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Legacy Minis

Steel V3 Starter Ring w/ Ti Bolts - CRF110 & CRF125F/FB

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Legacy Minis V2 Starter Ring w/ Titanium Bolts
Fits the CRF110 and CRF125F and CRF125FB

This ring will reduce rotating mass on the crank to make it more responsive and rev to the limiter much quicker. Since there is less weight it also reduces engine braking and some say it feels more like riding a 2 stroke bike after this mod.
This is a great addition to a lightened flywheel for a total weight savings of 14oz removed from the rotating mass of the engine. Add the savings from a lightened flywheel for even more weight savings!

 The V3 is made from 1018 steel and weighs more than the V2. (You can see weight comparisons below) This is the recommended part for all big bore builds and will last much longer when compared to the aluminum V2 rings.

Starter ring and hardware weight Comparisons
V1 uses stock hardware. V2 and V3 use titanium hardware.

OEM hardware = 28g / 1oz
Legacy Titanium hardware = 14g / 0.5oz
(That means 14g / 0.5oz savings in hardware alone!)
CPM Titanium hardware = 16.2g /  0.57oz

OEM Ring w/stock hardware- 352g / 12.4oz
Legacy V1 Ring w/ stock hardware - 132g / 4.7oz
Legacy V2 w/ Titanium hardware - 72g / 2.6oz
CPM Ring w/ Titanium hardware - 82.1g / 2.9oz
Legacy V3 w/ Titanium Hardware - 184.2g / 6.2oz


Flywheel puller is required for install and not included. Also not included is a cover gasket, and that may be needed but usually they can be reused if they do not rip. Flywheel shown in photos is not included.