Throttle Body Center Bolt Set

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● This throttle body center bolt set allows you to install a larger throttle body on your stock manifold where the center between the 2 bolts of your stock manifold is actually 1.5mm smaller compared to the center of the larger throttle body which you would like to install.

With the stock 6mm bolts you wouldn't be able to install such a one step larger throttle body on your manifold because the holes on both parts doesn't match.

With this special bolt set you actually can do it because the diameter in the middle area, above the screw thread of these special bolts, is smaller compared to the outer diameter of the screw thread which sinks away in the manifold.

● A 1.5mm wider center distance is typically what manufacturers are using if they installing a throttle body on a 1 step higher cylinder displacement motorcycle or scooter.