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Takegawa Thermostat for Special Clutches

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Takegawa Thermostat Unit for Special Clutch Kit

Can be used with any of the KLX110 or Z125 Takegawa Special Clutch Covers.

Bidirectional type part which adopts shape memory alloy spring to its basic structure. By using this shape memory alloy spring, it can quickly adjust to the temperature change. In case the oil cooler gets clogged and the oil pressure rises, the bias spring will secure relief passage for the oil. If the thermostat unit detects low oil temperature, the valve will open itself to stop the oil flow into the oil cooler, and make it return to the filter via this bypass passage. Since the valve will shut when the temperature gets over 70 degrees to let the oil flow into the oil cooler, it will prevent overcooling. 

*This spring, using shape memory alloy (nickel titanium alloy), will have a crystal structure called austenite phase when its temperature exceeds the shape memory temperature. It will change to martensite phase when cooled. The martensite phase can be easily deformed by applying external pressure. Once it gets deformed, the crystal structure becomes deformed martensite phase, yet it will return back to austenite phase when it gets heated once again. Thus the plastic deformation of nickel titanium alloy will not occur, and will be elastic like rubber.