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Takegawa Special Clutch Kit - Cover & 6 Disc

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Product Contents
Clutch Cover Kit (02-01-0358): (1pc.)
Reinforced Clutch Kit (02-01-0330): (1pc.)

Includes the manual clutch cover and 6 disc reinforced clutch kit. It is the optimum kit for strengthening the clutch which is required with larger CC engines. 

■ Special Clutch Cover
KSR 110 · KLX 110, you can convert from the stock automatic centrifugal clutch to a manual wire type clutch (or manual hydraulic type found in a different kit).

■ 6 Disc Reinforced Clutch Kit - Since the number 
of friction discs is 6, normally 5 discs, the clutch capacity increases, so it is possible to set the spring set load lower to lighten the clutch operation.
By making the clutch 6-disc type (standard clutch: 5-disc), you can increase the clutch capacity, lower the spring load setting (by matching it with OEM spring), and lighten the clutch operation.
This 6-disc reinforced clutch kit includes primary drive gear which can increase the primary reduction speed ratio by approximately 14%.
It is applicable to OEM engines and customized engines. 
You can adjust the spring by adjusting the number of used clutch springs.

Primary drive gear (primary speed reduction ratio 14% up type)
By installing this part, the throttle response improves, and you can fully transmit the rotation of the crankshaft to the secondary side clutch by eliminating the centrifugal clutch.

Friction disc with Kevlar
It adopts friction disc with Kevlar which has better durability for its friction disc. 

Reinforced clutch spring
It includes reinforced spring (6 pieces) whose spring rate is raised by 10% compared to standard products.

* The use of reinforced clutch spring
Use it by matching the reinforced clutch spring with the standard clutch spring, depending on the engine specification or your preferences of lever operation (hard or soft). 
Even if you are using the same clutch spring, if the number of clutch friction disc piles, the clutch capacity will increase and make the clutch hard to slip. 
In case you are using clutch spring of KLX110(A1) MY02, the increment ratio will be different from other models.

* Cannot install on 2002 KLX110 (LX110A-000001-).
***Quick Shift Kit REQUIRED for use on any KLX110L***