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Takegawa Special Clutch Kit - BLACK - Honda CRF50/CRF70

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Takegawa Special Clutch Kit - Black

: CRF50F (AE03-1400001~)
: XR50R (AE03-1000001~)
: CRF70F (DE02-1700001~)
Fitment Notes - Requires the use of the Takegawa 3 gear close ratio gear or 4 gear cross mission kit and clutch lever assembly - We sell the 3 gear trans HERE.

 Aluminum die-cast clutch cover

Patented structure: Thermostat mounting part and oil line structure
Aluminum die-casting is used for the clutch cover.
Surface treatment is buffing and clear paint finish
Oil can be taken out to the oil cooler.
Optionally, a thermostat unit with a shape memory alloy spring can be installed. Prevent overcooling.
Thermostat unit sold separately.
A highly reliable cartridge type paper type is used for the oil element.
Durable glass is used for the engine oil confirmation window.
Adopted a cover integrated clutch cable receiver.


 Standard clutch

In the case of a stock clutch, the clutch body is mounted on the stock crankshaft axis, but our special clutch uses a "secondary side clutch" that is mounted on the transmission side main shaft.
This reduces the load on the crankshaft. In addition, it is possible to reduce the weight of the crankshaft axis, and it exhibits a light throttle response.

A damper is incorporated in the primary driven gear to reduce the shock when the clutch is engaged.
The number of friction discs is 5, and it is compatible with high power engines regardless of street or race.
Uses a highly durable and strong aluminum die-cast lifter plate.



Requires simultaneous installation of 3rd gear close ratio gear or 4th gear cross mission kit and clutch lever assembly.
For CRF50F/XR50R, it is necessary to replace the top bridge and stock handlebars and change to a φ22.2 handlebar pipe.
We do not sell the top bridge for φ22.2 handle pipe conversion.
We sell the φ22.2 handle pipe.
XR70R Frame NO: DE02-1299999 cannot be used due to different parts.
Model with white fuel tank and front and rear fenders