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Takegawa Slipper Type Special Clutch Kit - Z125 Pro**

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Z125 Special Clutch Kit (Wire Type/Slipper Clutch) - Special Order**

Fits all years Z125

This is an all-in-one package "special SLIPPER type clutch kit" made by Takegawa. Includes the manual clutch cover and 6 disc reinforced clutch kit with 14% reduction to your final drive ratio (more top end speeds in all gears). It is the optimum kit for strengthening the clutch which is required with larger CC engines.
What does a slipper clutch do?
A Slipper Clutch is a specially designed clutch, developed for the performance motorcycles (track & street-legal). It serves the same purpose for the motorcycles as a typical clutch would do i.e. engagement and disengagement of engine’s power to the rear wheels (via gearbox) at rider’s will. But, the main purpose to use a slipper clutch in place of a normal clutch is to mitigate the effects of Engine Braking when riders decelerate as they enter corners. And this helps them to rip some really fast lap times and gives them confidence to kill corners faster and faster and brake as late as possible. This makes it a popular track accessory.
In a high compression engine, the crankshaft has to fight the trapped charge inside the combustion chamber during the compression stroke to push the piston back up, and this produces resistance in the form of Engine Braking, or “back torque”. As the rider decelerates and downshifts, the effect of engine braking becomes more pronounced; this happens because of the rpm difference between the engine and the rear wheel. Usually, it’s found that while you enter a corner and downshift to a taller gear, the rear wheel rolls at a higher rpm than the engine, and due to the resistance offered by the engine (because of engine braking), the wheel hops and at worst locks up! There can be other consequences too, like, the forces jerking on the chain/belt, when it tries to turn the engine, upset the suspension and place undue stress on the tyres which have to withstand the resistance posed by the engine and grip the tarmac. Moreover, due to rpm difference between engine and rear wheel, the wheel tends to turn the engine, which can cause the engine to over-rev by pushing it through its REDLINE, risking damage or seizure.

Special Clutch Cover: Aluminum Die Casting (Buffing Polished Clear Paint)
Large Type Filler Cap: Aluminum Die Casting (Chromium Plating)

Included Parts: Primary Drive GearSpecial clutch cover with structure not in OEMClutch cover and 6 Disc Reinforced Clutch Kit (Slipper clutchSpec. ) Is an all-in-one package.
We set a bargain Set price rather than buying each individually.

■ Special Clutch Cover (Wire Type)
CoverBody is made by Aluminum Die Casting, after Cleff painting is done after Buffing, it is beautifully finished.
Given the Cover shape and surface treatment quite different from Normal clutch cover, Impact is given to the Engine, and the vehicle is beautifully produced.
SP Takekawa with Logo on Clutch cover

■ Wire formula
The manual Wire type Clutch operating mechanism adopts the rack & pinion formula, and stable clutch work can be done.
Normal clutchLever can be used as is.
This product adopts Clutch cover structure which can be used for both manual Wire type and hydraulic type. Therefore, after purchasing manual Wire type Manual clutch cover, you can change hydraulic without replacing Cover by purchasing Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit.

■ Features of Special clutch cover
· Oil outlet to Standard Equipment
Oil removal port is provided in Clutch cover Body, so it is possible to take out Oil to Oil cooler. If you do not use the Oil outlet, use the attached Blind plug.

· Engine oil Equipped with confirmation window
OEMClutch Not equipped in the cover, equipped with confirmation window to check the amount of Engine oil. Adopted durable Glass for windows.

· Large type Filler cap (Chromium Plating manufactured by Aluminum Diecast)
Compared with OEM, Oil injection can be done easily by increasing the oil filling port to Large.

■ Patent acquisition structure of Clutch cover
· (Thermostat mounting part and Oil line structure)
Thermostat (Sold separately) We have adopted patent acquisition structure only for SP made by Takegawa who made it possible to install. By installing the Thermostat Unit by the OriginalOil line structure, it prevents Over cool when wearing Oil cooler.
(There is an Oil cooler kit for SP12 Mukawa's Z125 PRO. )

■ 6 Disc Reinforced Clutch Kit (Slipper clutch)
Normal clutch (5 discs) 6 discs, because Clutch capacity is up, it corresponds to the high-power engine.

Includes Primary drive gear which is lightweight to Large width than OEM. Reduce Crankshaft's burden and improve Throttle response.

By combining with Normal spring you can set the Set load of Spring low and it is possible to lighten Clutch operation. By combining with the number of Clutch Springs, load adjustment is possible.

Primary driven gear included
Primary driven gear has a larger weight reduction than OEM, improves Throttle response and can transmit the rotation of Crankshaft to 100% secondary side Clutch.

6 Disc Reinforced Clutch Kit only can not be installed.
Simultaneous installation with SP climbing cover made by SP Takegawa is essential.

■ How to operate Thermostat
How to operate Thermostat : When oil temperature rises (70 degrees or more) Shape memory gold spring in Thermostat is extended to cover the Bypass passage of Clutch cover and change the flow of Oil via Oil cooler.
If it is less than 70 degrees, Spring shrinks, Oil cooler only flows a small amount of Oil, flows through Bypass passage.
· Thermostat Unit 02-01-5052*It is recommended to use together with the various decompression camshaft due to structure of the slipper clutch because the slip of the clutch occurs when the engine is started.

*The special clutch kit (slipper clutch) is set only for the wire type kit.
*Please note that there is not kit setting due to the structure of the special clutch cover (hydraulic type) because it is impossible to mount the slipper clutch at the same time.
*It is necessary to install together with SP TAKEGAWA oil cooler when mounting the thermostat unit.

**This MAY be a special order item from Japan. Please contact us to get estimated delivery time. Typically 1-3 week delivery but can change at any time. NO CANCELLATIONS OR EXCHANGES.