Takegawa Hydraulic Special Clutch Cover - KLX110

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Hydraulic Manual Clutch Conversion Kit

Convert your KLX110 or DRZ110 to a full manual clutch with this kit!!
Product Contents
Clutch Cover Kit: (1pc)
Primary Gear: (1pc)

Fits all KLX110 and DRZ110
L Models require the QUICK SHIFT or non L model oem Shift Shaft

Hydraulic Type:
Compared with the wire type, the manual hydraulic type further improves the operability of the clutch and reduces the fatigue caused by clutch work.
The hydraulic kit is supplied with a quick release 2-way quick master cylinder that can be used to replace the rear view mirror holder.

Patented structure of clutch cover (thermostat mounting and oil line structure)
This manual clutch cover has a patented structure that enables the installation of a thermostat. The original oil line structure prevents overcooling by installing SP Takegawa thermostat (sold separately).

How to operate the thermostat
When the oil temperature rises (above 70°C), the shape memory alloy spring in the thermostat extends, blocks the bypass passage in the clutch cover, and changes the oil flow to via the oil cooler.
When the temperature is below 70 degrees, the spring contracts and only a small amount of oil flows to the oil cooler through the bypass passage.

Oil outlet as standard equipment
The clutch cover is equipped with an oil outlet as a standard feature, so that the oil can be taken out to the oil cooler.
By purchasing SP Takegawa oil cooler kit, you can install it in the shroud without destroying the image of your bike.
Even if the oil outlet is not used, it can be used as a manual clutch cover as it is because the blind plug is installed.

Equipped with engine oil check window
Equipped with a window to check the engine oil level like a stock engine. The windows are made of durable glass.

Original Filler Cap
The original filler cap with the same screw diameter and mounting pitch (1.5mm) as the stock cap is used.
Die-cast aluminum with plating.

Primary drive gear included
The throttle response is improved and 100% of the crankshaft rotation can be transmitted to the secondary clutch.

Corresponding clutch
Stock clutch bike / SP Takegawa 6 disc reinforced clutch
Cannot be installed with the stock primary clutch at the same time.

***Quick Shift Kit REQUIRED for use on any KLX110L***(or use the OEM KLX110 Standard model shift shaft)