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Takegawa Four Speed Cross Mission Transmission Kit (4 up) - No Drum

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Takegawa Four Speed Cross Mission Transmission Kit (4 up) - No Drum


4th speed cross mission transmission
KSR110 Normal 4 speed (KLX 110 is 3rd speed) In the mission, each gear ratio is set to be very far away, so it may be difficult to handle with custom engines. 
Our company's 4 speed cross mission kit can change the gear ratio other than 2nd gear, you can feel the merit of cross mission and ease of handling. 
Moreover, we designed to be able to use normal parts, realized a reasonable price. 
(2nd gear and shift fork use stock OEM parts) 

This mission kit is exclusively for our car equipped with 4th speed shift drum.

 Gear ratio

KSR 110 (normal mission) 
1st speed: 3.000 2nd gear: 1.937 3 speed: 1.350 4 speed: 1.086 
KLX 110 (normal mission) 
1st gear: 3.273 2nd gear: 1.937 3 speed: 1.350 

4 speed cross mission 
1st gear: 2.692 2 speed: 1.937 3rd gear: 1.473 4th gear: 1.300