Takegawa Crankshaft Support Adapter Kit

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Z125 Takegawa Crankshaft Support Adapter Kit

Fits all years Z125


Since the generator of Z125 PRO is mounted on the L. crankcase cover, the direction of attachment of the flywheel is toward the outside (the tip of the shaft). 
For this reason, the weight of the heavy flywheel rotates outside the tip of the crankshaft, and the engine with improved pickup doubles the burden during acceleration and deceleration. 
This may cause interference between the generator and the flywheel, adversely affecting ignition timing, or in the worst case the crankshaft may be damaged. 
By providing ball bearings inside the stator, this product changes the crankshaft journal portion from 2 point support to 3 point support, and restricts crankshaft deflection occurring in the high rotation region of the bore-up engine. 
By restricting the runout, you can increase the durability of the normal crankshaft.

 patent application in the structure

There is no need to replace the crankshaft, and by installing it on genuine parts, the assembling structure that can support the crankshaft journal part at three points


Confirmation work of the normal crankshaft which is currently used before purchase is necessary. 
If the crankshaft runs beyond the standard value, it is necessary to swing it out or replace the crankshaft.