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Takegawa Billet Air Funnel (VM26)

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Takegawa Billet Air Funnel (VM26)


It is an air funnel dedicated to the big bore carburetor adopting the large caliber funnel. 
A stainless steel net is provided in the opening to prevent invasion of gravel etc. without losing intake efficiency. 
The air funnel body is a beautiful gem that scraped out aluminum material. 
By installing a special air filter for optional parts, it is possible to enhance the dustproof effect. 
Carburetor type: MIKUNI VM24 / MIKUNI VM26 
Installation diameter: 44.4 mm Length from mounting position: Approx 25 mm 
OD: φ 75 mm Specifications: With surface net: No surface treatment


Depending on the type of bike, it interferes with the frame etc and may not be installed. Be sure to check the size etc.