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Takegawa 3 Speed Close Ratio Trans - Honda CRF50/XR50 CRF70/XR70

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Takegawa 3 Speed Close Ratio Trans

: CRF50F (AE03-1400001~)
: XR50R (AE03-1000001~)
: CRF70F (DE02-1700001~)
: XR70R (DE02-1300001~)
*Not available for XR70R(DE02-1299999) due to different parts
Fitment Notes - Requires the use of the Takegawa 3 gear close ratio gear or 4 gear cross mission kit and clutch lever assembly - We sell the 3 gear trans HERE.


It is a bolt-on type that does not require any extra modification.
Compatible with normal clutch and special clutch.
Shift pattern is 3-up

 Gear ratio

CRF50/XR50R (normal mission)
1st gear: 3.272 2nd gear: 1.666 3rd gear: 1.190

3rd gear close ratio gear kit
1st gear: 2.615 2nd gear: 1.666 3rd gear: 1.285


XR70R (DE02-1299999) cannot be used due to different parts.