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Takegawa 178cc S-Stage Bore Up Kit W/ Cam - SCUT - Z125 Pro

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Takegawa 178cc S-Stage Bore Up Kit W/ Cam - SCUT
Fits all Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Compression Ratio: 178cc @ 11.5:1
Bore Diameter: 178cc/68mm
Stroke: 50.6mm (STD)
with N-20 Camshaft

It is a Bore Up Kit that can change Engine Displacement Volume to 178cc by changing Cylinder and Piston.
You can enjoy Torque fully output performance not in Normal engine.

■ All aluminum made Ceramic plating cylinder
Cylinder adopts All Aluminum Ceramic plating cylinder excellent in durability, airtightness and heat dissipation.

■ Cylinder can be equipped with Stick Temperature Sensor.
You can measure the Cylinder temperature by purchasing SP with Takegawa Compact LCD Thermometer Stick Temperature Sensor.

■ SCUT Piston
Molybdenum Coating is applied to Piston skirt part of Aluminum cast Piston for good initial familiarity.

■ N-20 Camshaft included
The optimum profile that derives the performance of Normal cylinder head to the maximum Large limit improves output performance.
Built-in automatic decompression mechanism similar to NORMAL.

*It requires mounting together with the FI Controller Type-e when mounting the S stage big bore kit.
*It requires PC or smartphone that correspond the specified usage condition when using FI Controller type. In addition, there are cases that it requires to connect in the internet because it requires to download software and application.

* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese