Swingarm Bearing Kit for ALL KLX/DRZ110 & 110L w/ Stock Swingarm

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Swing Arm Bearing Kit
Kawasaki KLX110 02-Current, KLX110L 10-Current, Suzuki DRZ110 03-06

Swing Arm Bearing Installation

1. Before installing the needle bearings make sure the swing arm or linkage bearing bores are clean and free from burrs. It is also helpful to have the entire swing arm or linkage clean so that dirt does not get into the bearings.
2. The needle bearings should be installed with a press and a tool that is just a bit smaller than the outer diameter of the needle bearing (a socket often works well for this). A vice may work if no press is available. Never use hammer blows to install the needle bearings. Hammer blows will damage the needle bearings.
• NOTE: Heating the bearing bore of the swing arm or linkage will make bearing installation easier.
3. Once the bearings are installed, grease them excessively. The more grease the better.
4. When installing the seals, grease the inner seal surface that contacts the mating parts. The grease on the seals helps lubricate the seal as well as making an additional barrier to dirt and water.

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