Takegawa Decompression Camshaft for +R or V2 Heads - Old Cam Chains

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Decompression Camshaft for Takegawa +R Super Head or TB Parts V2 Race Heads

Used on the 2002-2009 KLX110 Type Cam Chains

Works with the Takegawa +R 2 Valve Heads and also the TB Parts V2 Head. Intended to be used with the 02-09 KLX110 type cam chains. MUST use the OEM cam gear. Does NOT work with the TBW1132 cam gear.

Choose from 4 different Cam Types (See Dyno Picture)
Lower numbers (S15D) produce power in the lower rpms and as the number goes up so does the rpm range where it produces the most power. This can be used to fine tune the engine to better suit the style of the rider and/or type of riding.


Will not work with 2010+ KLX110 or KLX110L cam chains! Go HERE if you have the new style cam chain.