CARBON Rocket Exhaust Full System - Chubby Series - CRF110

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O2 Bung

2019+ version now offered with optional O2 bung ready for those that are running the aRacer AF2 or PV3 with auto tune function. (+$60)


Built using our full carbon fiber muffler housing and carbon fiber end cap from our full size exhaust systems. The Pit Bike ”Chubby” is a short muffler design that features increased volume which adds power and makes an awesome sound. It’s our big bike muffler with all the features including carbon end cap, CNC hanger bracket and four bolt serviceability. Dynoed many different tube and core diameters and made best overall power. Sacrificed .5 hp on top to gain bottom and mid. CJR Performance has a map for the stock ECU that makes more power if you open up the air box.

  • – Octagonal-shaped large volume muffler housing means more power and better sound
  • – Stepped head pipe diameter maximizes bottom, mid and top power over a single diameter design
  • – Carbon fiber end cap
  • – Rebuildable with simple hand tools, no grinding rivets.
  • – In the event of crash-damage, all exhaust system parts are available individually
  • – Optional “Backyard” quiet core available
  • – Can be installed on the stock bike without a tune, however we recommend that you get a flash tune from CJR or an ECU replacement like the aRacer MiniX or SuperX.