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Heavy Duty Cam Chain - 90L

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Takegawa Heavy Duty Cam Chain

This is a direct replacement for your stock cam chain in the 2013 and up Honda CRF110's

This is a high-precision solid bushing chain with a smooth, seamless surface and excellent roundness, providing superior rigidity and wear resistance. The solid bushing prevents barrel deformation of the bushing when it is press-fitted into the link plate and forms an optimal contact bearing surface between the pin and the bushing. Compared to the standard product, the wear life is 1.8 to 4 times longer, a dramatic improvement in performance.
The die-hard alpha treatment forms a very hard film on the surface of the pin, and the film is in the form of a dispersion of even harder carbides inside. The coating is in the form of a dispersion of even harder carbides inside, so it will not be defeated even if hard foreign particles are mixed in from the outside.
The plate thickness is increased to about 1.4 times, and the maximum allowable load is set to 1.5 times (for Monkey).
Uses a 1.0mm plate as opposed to the standard plate thickness of 0.72mm.