EBMX Custom Rear Swingarm and Shock Bundle

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EBMX Custom Rear Swingarm and Shock Bundle
Includes EBMX Swingarm and YSS Shock for the Surron

This is the ultimate combo to combine this shock with the EBMX Extended Swingarm for a longer wheelbase and increased rear wheel travel. You wont regret this upgrade!
EBMX worked with YSS to adapt a high quality motorcycle shock to the Surron.  This thing is beefy, incredibly strong, with tons of adjustment to dial in the exact ride you want from this shock. See swingarm and shock specs below.

Swingarm Specifications
EBMX Custom Swing Arm
Stock Swing Arm: 2.021kg
EBMX Custom Swing Arm: 2.304kg

Stock Swing Arm: 465mm
EBMX Custom Swing Arm: 525mm

Other Key Features:
  • Reinforced construction, more ridged than the stock swing arm
  • Extra room for larger tires to fit (90/100-18 easily fits, 100/100-18 requires light trimming due to the chain line)
  • The longer swing arm design keeps the front wheel down under hard acceleration and provides better stability at high speeds and when jumping.
  • Bolt together design means you can replace parts and not the whole swing arm if they get damaged.
  • Comes with complete 130L chain

Shock Specifications

EBMX Custom Swing Arm
Stock Rear Shock: 1.120kg
EBMX Custom Rear Shock: 2.105kg

Eye to Eye Length:
Stock Rear Shock: 267mm
EBMX Rear Shock: 277mm

Stroke Length:
Stock Rear Shock: 89mm
EBMX Rear Shock: 67mm
  • Length 10.9"/277mm  (OEM 10.5/267mm)
  • Stroke 2.64"/67mm (OEM 3.5")
  • Plug and play (supplied with bushing kit) with the stock swing arm and linkage (also work very well with the upgraded EBMX Swing arm – size up one spring weight if using the EBMX swing arm as there is more leverage with the longer arms.
  • 220mm travel when combined with EBMX Extended Swingarm
  • High speed and low speed compression damping that actually work (unlike the stock shocks…)
  • Rebound adjustment clicker
  • Multiple spring weight options (see below for your weight)
  • Designed for a dirt bike, not a mountain bike 
  • Huge oil reservoir keeps the shock cool even under hard riding
  • Red spring


Suggested Spring Rate Chart:

 Weight Swingarm Spring
145-165 lbs Stock 70nm
165-190 lbs Stock 80nm
190-210 lbs Stock 90nm
210+ lbs Stock 100nm
145-165 lbs EBMX Extended 90nm
165-190 lbs
EBMX Extended 100nm
190+ lbs
EBMX Extended 115nm