DCR High Performance Roller Camshaft - .191" Lift - CRF110F

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DCR High Performance Roller Camshaft

Fits 2013-Current CRF110F
For Stock Bore or Big Bore Kits

A radical drop in camshaft with gains up to 1.9HP. The camshaft gives maximum valve lift adding a ton of mid range power with top end over rev. Great for stock and big bore builds. Fits stock springs and stock valve train. The DCR cam is easy to install. The decompression system is eliminated, this increases the rpm and lightens up the camshafts rotational mass. The electric starter will function without the decompressor. Recommended for 91 octane gasoline.

DCR roller cam with .191" lift and 229° duration
Timing advanced 2 crank degrees for more bottom end torque.
*Must use a fuel controller on 2019+ EFI models
Revised Specs in March 2022 - for increased throttle response and mid range pull and amazing top end.


* stock valves and springs piston ok and big bore kits as well
* stock pipe and ecu mapping ok on efi models , adjustable fuel tuner may increase power slightly with cam / carb models pilot jet increase will improve low speed response and eliminate popping on decel.


stock cam spec - .165" intake cam lift / .165" exhaust cam lift
stock duration @ 1mm = 211 degree