RAD Manifold and 24mm Throttle Body Kits - 2019+ CRF110's

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Unleash the performance of your Honda CRF110F with a larger intake manifold and upgraded throttle body kit. The stock intake system is extremely limited tapering as small as 13mm in the manifold. With the larger 24mm or upgraded 26mm throttle body kit, you can expect TWICE the horsepower at redline over the stock configuration. This is the ultimate starting point for the CRF110F pairing great with both stock bore, and big bore kits.

All throttle body kits will require a re-map of the stock ECU or aftermarket ECU to increase the amount of fuel delivered to the engine. Running these throttle body kits without a fuel controller will cause the bike to run dangerously lean.
We offer this flash service and use CJR tunes. You can also go direct through CJR if you prefer.

Keihin 24mm or Ported 26mm Throttle Bodies:
The factory throttle body is a big limitation for the CRF110F coming in at 19mm. This kit offers improved performance especially noticeable in the mid range and top end. With a 25% larger butterfly in the throttle body to work with the larger intake manifold. From idle to 5,000rpm the bike feels exactly as it did before (with intake/exhaust/tune), from 5,000rpm and up, the bike does not stop pulling! This is a modification you can definitely feel for a night and day different bike.

Rad Speed and Design High Flow CNC Intake Manifold:
- Built from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum
- Works with stock or 24mm Keihin throttle body
- New hardware is provided to allow interchanging of throttle bodies
- Inner diameter starts with 24.5mm at the throttle body and tapers down to 21.5mm to match the stock cylinder head port
-  Works with the stock injector, map sensor, and hardware