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aRacer AF2 Autotune Module

(This is a must have for quick and easy tuning on the 2019+ CRF110 and CRF125uaing the arcarr ecu )




1. High accuracy and high-speed response

2. "Close Loop Fuel Compensation" with RC/RCMINI Plus ECU

3. No need to calibration, just plug and play

4. AF2 uses : Bosch LSU 4.9 18mm wideband oxygen sensor ( Requires an 18mm threaded BUNG on exhaust, not included)


Benefits over the old AF1:


38% Faster Response


38% Smaller Size


Minimum operating voltage lower to 8.5 V


80% More accuracy


25% Less power consumption 


AF2 Professional AFR Module - The aRacer AF2 module is an extremely accurate autotune kit that doubles as a standalone wide-band 2 when paired with the DG1 Multi-Function Gauge or aRacer App. This will allow you to monitor you air-fuel ratios from a required 18mm O2 bung on the exhaust system. (This must be added to your exhaust on the crf110 unless you purchase an exhaust with bung already on it like the rocket big bore chubby and standard chubby with bung ready to go.)




aRacer DG1 Multi-Function Gauge


-DG-1 Multi-Function Display

-Multi-Function Display DG-1

-It can be shown wideband AFR, battery voltage and timer function with AF1

-Extendable sensor modules in the feature: exhaust pipe temp. coolant --temp. boot pressure...etc.

-DG1 requires connection to the ECU and may require the use of a splitter if you do not already have a plug open




aRacer iLink Calibration Cable


-It is a cable that connects with RC series ecu and laptop/PC

-Employed USB port, easy plug in

-Does not work with the Mini5

-Be sure to select the proper version for your ECU




aRacer Basic B-Link Bluetooth


-bLink Pro Basic Wireless Module for Android APP cellphone, for Apple IOS will come out soon

-Engine data display

-Plug and play

-Display setting by custom

-Warning threshold setting




aRacer 1 into 2 Splitter Cable


Used to add the AF1 Module to your RCmini5 or RC2 ECU. (Not needed with the AF2 model)




aRacer Race Panel / Monitor / Dash / Display


-Over 20 engine data can be monitored

-RPM indicator, and can be set up

-Time tracking by real time ( Race function box is necessary)

-Shift indicator

-3 map can be switched, pit limited and launch control switch ( Race function box is necessary)

-Scratch resistant, small size design, water resistant




aRacer Race Function Module

Support RC/RC Super series ECU only

Key features:

1. Support traction control

2. Dual map switch (with handlebar map switch)

3. Launch control (with handlebar map switch)

4. PIT limited (with handlebar map switch)

5. GPS tracking

6. Lean angle detection




This product is legal for closed-course competition use only; for racing vehicles (a competition vehicle not used on public highways). Intended for off-road use or race purposes; does not meet regulations of pollution controlled roads or highways. This system is NOT compliant with the California Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) or California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.) for use on public roads or lands.




WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - -- Learn More