88cc V2 Race Head & Mikuni VM26 Bore Kit Honda - CRF50 XR50 CRF70 XR70 - TBW9115

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TB Parts 88cc Race Head V2 Kit , 52mm Bore Kit, & Mikuni VM26 Carb/Kit.

Converts the following stock models to 88cc:
1982 and newer Honda Z50, CT70, XR50, XR70, CRF50, & CRF70.

Starting with the V2 cylinder head’s larger stainless steel (21-4N) valves, better porting, roller cam, and forged aluminum roller rocker arms that allow the engine to rev quicker, farther, and make much more power than the stock setup. Add the high compression 52mm bore kit that brings up the bore to 88cc and makes for a strong power band. Finish it off with Mikuni’s VM26 carb in our carb kit adding up to a professional level of performance at an affordable price for the privateer rider. These are high quality parts and require no machining to the cases or other modifications – bolt on and go! There are no installation instructions, but if you can replace your piston, you can install this kit. If you don’t have any experience working on your engine, we highly recommend having a professional technician install this kit or, at a minimum, purchasing the shop manual.

Key Features:

  • Race Head V2 – Aluminum roller rockers, 28.5mm intake valve, 23.5mm exhaust valve, 26mm intake port, 23mm exhaust port, covers and hardware included (valve, seals, and springs installed).
  • Race Camshaft and sprocket
  • 52mm Aluminum Steel Sleeve Cylinder
  • 52mm High Compression Light Weight Piston Kit (91+ octane pump fuel friendly)
  • 52mm Top End Gasket, clutch cover, and center case gasket
  • Mikuni VM26 Carb Kit for proven performance, Ported manifold, gaskets, hardware, and throttle cable
  • No case boring
  • We stock all the replacement parts for this kit, no ridiculous wait times or prices for these High Performance spares.

Note: Only for use with 1982 and newer Honda Z50, CT70, XR50, XR70, CRF50, & CRF70. 1991 and older engines will need TBW0861

Installation Note: V2 head notes INSTALL TIP - CLICK HERE
CT70’s require TBW0133 dual feed petcock for the 2 fuel tank lines.

Kit Contents by Part Number: TBW0750, TBW0755, TBW0752, TBW1441, TBW0753, TBW0859, TBW0156, TBW0301, TBW0433, TBW0399, TBW0413

Replacement Parts:
TBW0750 - V2 Race head
TBW0755 - V2 Head bolt kit
TBW0752 - Camshaft V2
TBW0754 - V2 Head cover set
TBW0753 - Piston
TBW0859 - Gasket Set
TBW0156 - Cylinder
TBW0301 - Cable
TBW0433 - Intake Kit
TBW0399 - Carburetor
TBW0413 - Air filter