108cc V2 Race Head Mikuni VM26 Carb & Bore Kit - CRF50 XR50 CRF70 XR70 - TBW9118

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We've stood behind these products 100% since we opened in 2005. Best reviews received for a big bore kit hands down!

NEW! Roller Rocker V2 Race Head, 108cc Big Bore Stroker, and Mikuni VM26mm Carburetor Performance Kit:
This will really wake up your stock engine and is comparable in power to the much larger Chinese 124cc engines!!! Includes the following:
- 51mm Stroker Crankshaft
- Lightweight aluminum cylinder
- Cast in mounts on cylinder for aftermarket skid plates
- Oversized cooling fins on cylinder for efficient heat dissipation
- 52mm high compression piston with rings, pin, & clips
- Head gasket kit and clutch cover gasket.
- High performance race camshaft (for the V2 Race Head only)
Have Roller Rocker Arms exactly like the V2 head for the KLX110
- 28.5mm intake Valve
- 23.5mm Exhaust Valve
- 5mm Valve Stem
- 26mm Intake Port - Matches Intake Manifold Kit TBW0433
- 23mm Exhaust port
- All pistons in the kits are new and have CNC machined piston domes
- Head kits include all hardware
- Head kits Include all covers (Billet Dress up kits and Breathers will be available later)
- Includes all necessary parts and comes assembled! The exhaust valve has been upgraded to stainless steel (21-4N material) .
- Genuine Mikuni VM26mm Performance carb assembly
- Angled dual layer foam air filter.
Installation Note: It will save a lot of time and effort if the oil pump is installed while installing the bore kit (requires cylinder removal). Part# TBW0226
Replacement Parts:

TBW0750 - V2 Race head
TBW0755 - V2 Head bolt kit
TBW0752 - V2 Cam
TBW0754 - V2 Head cover set
TBW0753 - Piston
TBW0859 - Head gasket kit
TBW0156 - Cylinder
TBW0301 - Throttle cable
TBW0433 - Intake kit
TBW0399 - VM26 Carb
TBW0413 - Air filter
TBW0287 - Clutch cover gasket
TBW0334 - Center case gasket
TBW0319 - Stroker crank