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First mods -
- Longer footpeg bracket bolts OEM = 18mm Recommended = 25mm + crush washer. I have seen foot peg kits rip out the bottom of the case from both jumping as well as catching a rut with the peg failing to fold. M&B cradle as a better supported option.

- DIY Intake Upgrade - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FamPPs2pbmI

Biggest restrictions - in this order
- intake manifold with reducer (24mm-13mm-20mm)
- throttle body 19mm (cylinder head port is 20mm)
- intake hose (from the airbox to the Tb, must have for the 24mm Tb upgrade)
- 9:1 compression stock (even lower from our testing)
- Valve springs (10,300rpm max OEM)

Handlebars and controls -
Throttle tube full size - 53140-K28-A60
Throttle cable - 17910-K28-A61
Extended brake cable front - BBR # 513-HCF-1101
Handlebars - KLX110 bend and 50 bend most common
Replacement Triple -

Pegs -
Replacement peg/bracket kit - Kinetic MX & JTI
Skid Plates - M&B Metal Fab, BBR, JTI, Moose
Replacement pegs -
DRC-02-606 (-5mm low)
DRC-02-506 (std) (634-0205)
DRC-02-606 (+5mm tall)

Camshafts -
DCR .188
TB Parts
Cardinals Racing

Pistons - OEM 50mm
DHM 50mm High compression stock bore
Wiseco 50mm flat top stock bore 10.25:1
Wiseco 52mm 11.5:1
53/54mm overseas coming soon
55mm - BBR & TB Parts

Clutch -
- CJR kit coming soon, semi to start full manual later - both 4 disc and 5 disc options with 6 spring to replace OEM single spring

- aRacer stand-alone Mini 5 and RC2
- CJR Flash
- Dynojet PV3

Suspension - Front
BBR Rods / Springs (pairs great with triple)
TRC front end swap
Grom front end swap 

Suspension - Rear 290mm OEM (need to fact check that)
BBR Spring
Racingbros (coming soon)