170cc/63mm Big Bore Kit - Cast/Cast - All KLX140

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170cc or 63mm Big Bore Kit
High Performance Cast Cylinder and Cast Piston

Kawasaki KLX140 (2008-2020)
Kawasaki KLX140G (2017-2020)
Kawasaki KLX140L (2008-2020)
Kawasaki KLX140R (2021-Present)
Kawasaki KLX140RF (2021-Present)
Kawasaki KLX140RL (2021-Present)

New Cast cylinder – Wrist Pin – Rings – Clips and Gaskets and 63mm Cast piston

Re-jetting of the carb is needed after installing this kit. We strongly suggest an aftermarket exhaust with any bore kit.

We also have performance CDI's to increase rpm limiter, bigger carburetors, high compression piston kit, racing exhaust, custom crankshaft, etc.