DHM Titanium Axles - CRF110

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DHM Titanium Axles - All CRF110

After some torture testing we now have our titanium axle sets available for the CRF110! 

Our Grade-5 titanium axles have been quite successful with the Honda Grom and after hearing of complaints from hard core CRF riders about bending axles, we sent a few prototype sets out to the local pros and told them to have at it! After months of testing without any issues we've put them in to production and they are now in stock and shipping. 

  • Machined out of 6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium
  • OEM bolt head sizes on the the shaft and nut
  • Nylock titanium nut to prevent loose axles
  • Rear axle length is designed to be used with aftermarket A-Arms (BBR, Foes, etc) but will also fit OEM arm as well.
  • Front axle length is the same as OEM, Rear is longer than OEM so it will work on the aftermarket swingers.
  • Available in raw or burnt finishes

Ti Front Axle w/ Nut = 120 Grams (Stock = 209.5 Grams)
Ti Rear Axle w/ Nut = 137.7 Grams