Pro Circuit Packing Kit - 9" x 3.5" - R3-1009

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Packing kit for all CRF110, KLX110, TTR110 and KLX140 exhaust
Packing size = 9" x 3.5"
Each silencer packing kit includes all the packing and hardware needed to keep your bike running quietly and at its very best. Pro Circuit recommends re-packing your exhaust every 10-15 hours, but it varies between riders.

How often should I re-pack my silencer?

Generally you should re-pack your silencer every 10–15 hours, but this is not always the case.  Some riders, like Desert riders, have been known to use a packing cartridge in as little as an hour.  Obviously that is under extreme conditions, but it has happened.  There have also been riders that have used the same packing cartridge for over a year without damaging the silencer, but again this is a rare case.  One way of telling if you need to re-pack your silencer is if you notice your bike is getting louder than usual.  Another indicator would be discoloration in the mid pipe section or even worse, the actual canister. Another way would be to remove the exhaust from the bike and knock on the canister, if it sounds hollow; it most likely needs to be re-packed.  Always remember it’s a lot cheaper to replace the packing cartridge than it is to replace the exhaust.