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Nibbi Performance Carburetors - PE26/PE28/PE30

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PE Carburetor Features

Simple Design
Simple design with a round slide, a basic needle and jetting system.

Improved Throttle Response

The circular slide design provides better throttle response.
Due to the larger surface area of the circular slide, it allows the better airflow and more precise control over the amount of fuel and air delivered to the engine.

Smoother Operation
The circular slide provides smoother operation compared to other types of throttle slides, as there are no sharp edges or corners that can catch on the carburetor body.

Reduced Turbulence
The circular slide also helps to reduce turbulence in the carburetor, which can improve fuel atomization and combustion efficiency.

Multiple Adjustable Features
Air, fuel mixture, and idle speed, all have a range of adjustable features.
This allows for fine tuning of fuel delivery to optimize engine performance.

Enhanced Performance
The circular slide can help to improve engine performance, particularly in high-RPM applications where precise control over the fuel and air delivery is critical.

High-strength Materials
Constructed of aluminum and stainless steel high-strength materials, there is also an anti-oxidation layer.
It provides excellent durability under high pressure conditions.

Easy Maintenance
The modular design allows for easy disassembly and maintenance.
This is especially important in racing applications where quick repairs and adjustments are often required.


  • Make sure the air fuel screw is 1.5 turns out from bottom before you start tuning.
  • Proper manifold and throttle cable will be needed for each individual model.