108cc V2 Race Head Bore Kit - CRF50 XR50 CRF70 XR70 Z50 - TBW9109

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We've stood behind these products 100% since we opened in 2005. Best reviews received for a big bore kit hands down!

TB Roller Rocker Race Head V2 (52mm) Big bore kit w/ 51mm Stroker Crank
Key Features:
Roller Rocker Arms exactly like the V2 head for the KLX110
28.5mm intake Valve
23.5mm Exhaust Valve
5mm Valve Stem
23mm Exhaust port
Matching High Compression Piston
Head kits include all hardware
52mm piston with rings, pin, & clips.
52mm Aluminum Cylinder
High performance race camshaft (for the Race Head only)
Head gasket kit.
51mm Stroker Crankshaft with NTN Bearings

88-99 Z50
00-Present XR/CRF50
91-94 CT70
All XR/CRF70

Installation Note:
It will save a lot of time and effort if the oil pump is installed while installing the bore kit (requires cylinder removal).

Replacement Parts:
TBW0750 - V2 Race head
TBW0755 - V2 Head bolt kit
TBW0752 - V2 Cam
TBW0754 - V2 Head cover set
TBW0753 - Piston 52mm
TBW0859 - Gasket Set
TBW0156 - Cylinder
TBW0287 - Gasket
TBW0334 - Gasket
TBW0319 - Stroker crank