Z125 Folding Tip Aluminum Shifter - TB Parts

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TB Parts Aluminum Shift Lever for the Kawasaki Z125

Also Fits the 05+ KLX110's (Length is approx. 1" shorter than stock klx110)
IF used on the KLX110's it is approximately 1" SHORTER than stock KLX110 for small kids.

TB Forged Aluminum Shift Lever – This is a very high quality aluminum shift lever with the following features:

Folding shift tip with knurled surface for better grip and feel. The billet tip is also extended to prevent mis-shifts.
The folding shift tip is CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum.

The lever arm is forged from 6061 billet aluminum for extreme strength and durability.
Precise splines for a perfect fit on the shift shaft.
Lighter than stock.

Please keep in mind the above features when comparing them to the $8 specials that have a similar appearance but don’t use the same quality materials nor have forged arms.