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High Flow Fuel Line Hose - 2019+ CRF110

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This high flow fuel hose is the missing piece in the puzzle from your fuel injection tuning, and this upgrade can very easy be overlooked.

Once you actually take a look to your stock fuel hose you will be amazed how restricted it is, and you will understand why it's not possible to gain more RPM's as you have at this moment, even if you have the stock RPM limiter removed from Honda.

This high flow fuel hose upgrade will make sure that your engine have the fuel available to make these higher RPM's.

Keep in mind that if you install this high flow fuel hose we don't guarantee that your bike will make more RPM's right away, we do guarantee you that your bike will be prepared then for you to work the engine out and to allow your bike to run higher RPM's which may not be possible with the stock fuel hose.

This high flow fuel hose is plug & play on your stock fuel tank (fuel pump) and your A-type or B-type injector joint, the length is also a bit longer than stock. Recommended for use with 140cc and larger injectors.